Phineas is a security agency offering its services to anyone in the world willing to pay top dollar.  Its floating network of airships have conducted 24/7 surveillance on the world’s largest cities since the 1960s.  But times have changed.  Their technology is dated, the criminals are avoiding detection, and crime is rising once again.  

In order to survive, Phineas must evolve and modernize.  Enter Russell Woo, one of Phineas’s rising stars.  A former Wall Street lawyer, Russell has the moxy to move up the ranks and manage any one of its big clients.  But as the city of New York is deciding whether to renew its contract with Phineas, an old friend asks Russell to investigate the suicide of a disgraced mining executive.  Russell and his protege, Candice Pirelli, soon finds themselves in the middle of an international mystery that could expose some of the world’s deepest and darkest secrets.



©2019 by EY Mak - author of the Russell Woo series.